Review of Sleeperkid’s World NIKKI FIERCE vs DIVA DIAMOND – 16 Mins

nikkiIn this amazing multi-fall pro style match, the beautiful Nikki Fierce takes on the equally lovely Diva Diamond, who’s determined to make a name for herself at SKW by defeating the seasoned veteran! Here’s the breakdown! (all rounds end with a pin and victory pose unless otherwise specified) Round 1:  Nikki slams Diva into the wall and pummels her belly but Diva reverses and returns the favor.  She dominates with a snap mare, leg nelson (lotus lock), and a series of pelvis face drops (aka the face f*cker) that knock Nikki OUT.  Diva traps her in a neckscissors/pin combo that puts Nikki out yet again as she goes for the count! Round 2: Nikki reverses Diva’s sleeper with a chin buster and takes control, dominating with multiple knee strikes to the skull, a sleeper hold KO, and a carotid knee choke that turns into her winning pin! Round 3: Diva plays dirty during a test of strength, nailing Nikki with a crotch kick!  She traps Nikki in a figure four leglock that has the pro screaming, she follows up with a brutal X-Factor KO and a SUPER STUNNER that takes Nikki down.  Diva applies a schoolgirl pin/neckscissors that puts Nikki out as the pin is counted! Round 4: Nikki is pissed and faster than Diva, nailing a belly stomp, a kickout DDT KO, TWO running snapmares, and a long series of repeated leg drops that KO the already stunned Diva! A final grapevine pin/carotid artery press puts Diva down for good as Nikki counts the pin! Round 5: A sudden double skull kick takes BOTH girls down, but they come to relatively quickly.  The two lock each other in a mutual neck scissors grip that causes yet another double KO…with SK counting both girls OUT and stating that there’s to be a sudden death FINAL round that has to be one with a 10 count pin! FINAL ROUND:  Diva nails a belly blow that leads to a brutal PILEDRIVER that turns Nikki into a convulsing mess.  Diva goes for the pin but Nikki barely manages a kickout!  Nikki reverses the action with a sudden low blow that takes Diva by surprise… leading to a regular piledriver and a TOMBSTONE that puts Diva out for the night!  Nikki pins the twitching body of her opponent… only to go for a humiliating boot on face pin!

I don’t really want to say this, because I said the exact same thing in the last review with Diva and I don’t mean any harm by it, because Diva has done a great job so far and did a great job in this one as well, but she was again just out shined, this time by Nikki Fierce. Again, by no means did Diva under-perform or do anything I didn’t enjoy, it’s just Nikki did it that much better. I have completely fallen in love with Nikki. I think she looks great, sells great and acts great, a total package. There is a cool thing about this particular match that I don’t think we’ve seen before, and that’s that most of the pins in this one are combination knockout holds. So, we get a little struggling as the pin starts, then victim passes out about half way through and then is pinned. I really liked that, it made for some great selling from both girls. The last two rounds are back to normal as we get a double KO round and then a final back and forth round, with the ladies exchanging piledrivers. We get some nice twitching in that final round, even throughout the last pin, Diva is twitching, which is definitely one of my new favorite things to see. Of course the outfits also get two thumbs up from me, you know I love converse boots. Overall, we got some unique details out of this one that I’d like to see more of and some great selling from both girls. I still look forward to seeing Nikki vs Tiny, that should be a great one.

Overall Score: 9/10