Review of Niki KIcker Lee

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsNiki Kicker Lee – Niki Lee Young and Keri Spectrum – 12 mins

Niki Lee Young and Keri Spectrum are about to have a kicking match. Keri has on a bikini with a karate belt and Niki is wearing a bikini top, leather pants and converse sneakers. As soon as the match starts, Keri is quickly overwhelmed by Niki’s kicks. Niki kicks Keri dizzy, chokes her with her foot and pushes her foot against Keri’s face. Niki, slips off her shoes. than continues her beatdown. Niki takes the belt from Keri’s waist and wraps it around her neck to control Keri. More kicks and chokes have Keri begging for the beating to stop. Niki sits and forces Keri to worship her feet. Keri is obviously disgusted by this, whimpering as she sucks her toes deep and hard, licking her soles and caressing her feet. Keri literally deep throats and makes love to Niki’s feet, all in an effort to stop Niki from beating her down worse.

Nothing like watching Keri get kicked in the face for a while. Keri sells her dizziness so well, makes this great to watch. I like that Keri’s belt get used as a weapon, that Niki started out wearing converse, that came off after about half way and the Keri begging forgiveness. I actually like the humiliating foot worshiping, more than I thought I would. I blame my love for tongue protrusion and Keri’s solid selling of her humiliation. Of course, being a KO junkie, it would have been awesome to see Niki give Keri a great KO kick to the face, even after she worshiped her feet, just because she could. Overall, most of this is watching Keri get kicked in the face and choked, which is awesome and the last few mins is Keri licking Niki’s feet, which I happened to enjoy as well.

Overall Score: 8/10