Review of Never mess with a Sith

Review of Defeated Never mess with a Sith – 10 Mins

DEFEATEDModels: Janelle, Stella, Nina, Ceci, Soraya

Stella (the Sith) has been captured by her rivals (Nina, Ceci and Janelle). They want her information, so they hold her arms and begin to kick and punch her in the stomach, believing this will force her to talk. But they don’t know about Stella’s power. Stella ii being held by 3 girls, but she kicks two of them in the face, knocking them down. She then takes the last one on her shoulder putting her down with a F5! Then she delivers vicious low blows each of her opponents, before sending them to sleep with a CRUEL footsmother! She wins this 3vs1, but she doesn’t expect the surprise attack from Soraya. Soraya treats Stella to some of her own medicine with several low blows, then taking her out with a footsmother of her own. Every Sith has her weak spot!

You don’t need to speak Italian to understand what goes down in this one. Stella, looks like she’s about to be in big trouble, suddenly takes down 3 girls with some pretty great looking moves. Then each one of the bad girls are taken out one at a time with some mean low blows and a foot stuffed in their mouth, making them pass out. I love the Stella has a tattoo on her foot that say “hate me”, very fitting for this vid. Also a lot of these girls have a lot of tattoos, I know some people can’t stand that, but I kind like it, makes me feel like they’re all badasses, I don’t know why. Anyway, we get some really nice reactions from each bad girl, some eye rolling, eye crossing, great struggling and even one girl leaves her eyes open after being KO’d. Stella stand proud after taking down her 3 rivals, when Soraya comes out of nowhere, giving Stella a nice dose of her own medicine. Leaving her out could next to her “friends”. I really love the surprise attack, it just adds another beautiful body to the KO pile and you never going to catch me complaining about that.

Overall Score: 9/10