Review of Neighbor’s Visit

Review of Torvea FilmsNeighbor’s Visit – 15 Mins

MonicaMonica Jade is sitting on her bed talking to her friend on the phone about her big date. She met this guy a few weeks ago and is so excited that when she hears something at the door she says good bye to her friend and runs to answer it. Next she is carried back into her bedroom by her neighbor. He has been watching her for a long time and was content dating her from afar. That is until she tried to bring someone else into the picture. He wants her for himself. He lays her down on the bed and takes her clothes off. As he is undressing her, she starts to wake up. He waits for her to come back a little before knocking her out again. He finishes undressing her and starts playing with her naked body. Then he completely has his way with her. (Implied POV) The sex is too much for her and she starts to wake up, Scott quickly makes her sleepy again. Once she is out again he continues until he is done with her. Then he picks her up over his shoulder so he can get her bed ready. He puts her back in bed and tucks her in for the night. Gives her one more dose of his medicine so she will not remember anything. This video is shot in both third Person and POV.

I love Monica Jade and this is a great video showing why. Simple set up is quick and simple, but doesn’t show the first KO, but it makes up for that later, with two very good chloroform KOs. Scott does a good job being the weird creepy neighbors,¬†showing off every bit of Monica’s amazing body and keeping her out cold. We get a nice and slow strip down and plenty of nice limp play as well. Monica sells this great with perfect reactions, showing off those big beautiful eyes,¬†whether from the chloroform or the dazed and confused look on her face each time she woke up. After Scott has had his fill, I love the he tucks her in, but leaves enough her exposed to keep it sexy adding another dose of chloro, with no reaction, but definitely makes a great final point. A very good sleepy/limp play vid with the super sexy Monica Jade.

Overall Score: 9/10