Review of Neck Snapping Segments

Review of Andrea Rosu’s Kinky Explorations Neck Snapping Segments – 13 Mins

AndreaThis video contains a total of 22 neck breaking moments of various methods: using both hands, feet, and scissoring. The focus is on the short struggle, neck snap and final limp body.

This one is just as simple as it sounds. There’s no set up or story of any kind, just a bunch of quick neck breaking scenes, with a little bit of struggling first and normally has the neck snaps done twice from angles. Unfortunately Andrea doesn’t mention who the other girl is and I don’t recognize her, so she’s going to have to remain nameless for this. Anyway, the overall vid is not bad, Andrea is topless and does some really nice struggling. Her friend makes a great face after the neck snaps, sticking her tongue out, but her glasses make it hard to see her eyes most of the time. I would have love to see some post neck snap reactions, like twitching or maybe a little bit of story or trash talking would have made this better. Overall, it’s a simple, but it’s still pretty fun.

Overall score: 7.5/10