Review of Nazi vs Black – C**t Punching & Forced foot licking

Review of DefeatedNazi vs Black – C**t Punching & Forced foot licking – 8 Mins

NinaA vitiated little emo girl (Nina), bought a black slave (Janelle) for her house. The black housemaid enters in her room to clean, and the girl begins to racially insult her, slap her and joke about her. She shows to the black girl a swastika on her chest…. The black girl is disappointed, but with no reaction. So the girl begins to threaten her, throwing her on the bed and standing over her. The black girl punch her, directly in her c**t. The girl falls down and the black girl cruelly continues to punch her, until the raciest begs for her pity! Cruel C**t punching for the Nazi!! The black girl tells her that the only way to get free is lick her black feet! The Nazi is disgusted, but she doesn’t have a choice. But the black girl wants even more revenge… She chokes her with her feet… and breaks her neck!! The girl is limp on the bed, is stripped naked and left on display on the bed.

A quick but good one for the guys at Defeated. Nina plays the racist Nazi here and she really brings it, hurling some awful comments at Janelle. That really helps it feel really good when Janelle start beating the crap out of her. We get a good number of brutal looking low blows, Nina starts to beg for mercy and Janelle make her lick her feet. We get really nice shots of both the low blows and the foot licking. Unsatisfied, Janelle uses her feet to choke Nina and snap her neck, nice selling here from Nina as we get nice eyerolling, twitching and tongue protrusion. Nina’s totally limp as Janelle strips her, adds a little humiliation in and leaves her. This is a nice combination of a few different fetishes, of course I like the choking and the limp stripping best, but all was well done. Also a nice looking video here too, not only are we really close to the action, but there’s a nice filter or something on this vid that has it looking really good.

Overall Score: 8.5/10