Review of 1 broken heart+2 drunk girls+accidental KO = naughty limp fest

Review of Liza K Fetishes 1 broken heart+2 drunk girls+accidental KO = naughty limp fest – 26 MIns

liza kTia was totally crushed after breaking a up with her boyfriend. Her friends was going to cheer her up and go to the club, but when they came to her they found out that Kira chose her own way to support her. They both were totally drunk already. So, the club was canceled, but not the party! Liz decided to have some fun and begins a limp play party. They had really cool limp and feet play things and were about to continue when Liz accidentally stumbled, hits her head and knocks herself out! Well, now there are three ragdoll girls on the sofa and only one guy to enjoy them all.

I just found out that Liza from Fetish Cuties has her own store of C4S and Kira does work for her too. You guys know I’ve been loving Fetish Cuties and was really excited to find this. So I pretty much grabbed the first vid that had both of them in it as well one other girl, Tia that I don’t know. If you’re familiar with the quality of Fetish Cuties vids, then you know what you’ll get here, great, well lit 1080 quality vids. This one has a good long set up, but not too long, as Tia cries and Kira pours shots for them till they pass out drunk. Liza and a guy come in soon after and almost immediately get to stripping and playing with the two drunk girls. Kira and Tia never wake up the whole time. We get some nice limp play and feet views along the way. A sudden turn of events is Liza tripping and knocking herself out, after both Kira and Tia have been completely stripped down. Liza’s friend just picks her up, strips her down and adds her to the line up next to the others. I love how unconcerned he was about Liza and just adds her in. It a beautiful line up of girls and he plays with all 3 of them a bit before the video ends. The more, the merrier, having 3 beautiful KO’d girls is definitely what makes this vid awesome as well as the tons and tons of limp play and messing around, an easy choice for any limp play fan.

Overall score: 9.5/10