Review of Natalia – Barefoot Magic Spell Knockouts

Review of Feet and SleepBarefoot Magic Spell Knockouts – 10 mins

Natalia is model here for a shoot. After getting a tainted drink she faints. The photographer puts a little duck on her belly and says a magic spell. Everything that happens to the duck now happens to Natalia. The duck is hit on the head and punched, Natalia reacts as if she was. While asleep the photographer takes some pictures of her sleeping form. He repeats this process for a while. Then when he’s had his fill, he gives the duck to Natalia. She stares at it, confused, then accidentally drops it. The duck crashing to the floor knocks out Natalia one more time. Soon she wakes back up and leaves.

What a great looking girl this is and a good seller too. I don’t know this girl, but the preview looked good and the story idea looked fun. Looks like I’m finally getting good a judging a video though the simple C4S previews, because that’s exactly what this vid turned out to be. The voodoo rubber duck idea is very funny and Natalia puts it over great with nice eyerolling. The ending also gave me one more good laugh and wraps the video up nicely. Overall, it’s a good silly KO vid and it’s well sold by a gorgeous Natalia.

Overall Score: 9/10