Review of Mystique Rules the Ring

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMystique Rules the Ring – 15.5 Mins

MadisonThis creative custom video begins as Madison enters the locker room and finds another girl in there (Becca). Becca tells Madison that she’s still in training, so has been assigned to referee tonight’s match with the champ, Mystique. Madison tells Becca that it turns out she is facing Mystique tonight and looks forward to seeing her soon. Becca heads to the ring, leaving Madison to prep for the match. We fade to the ring and see the ref, Becca, in the ring as Madison is the first to enter. The ref and Madison exchange pleasantries in the corner while the belt wearing champion Mystique makes her entrance. As she enters the ring she can’t help but notice the two smaller girls chatting and makes it evident she’s displeased. Becca calls for the bell and a serious Mystique ATTACKS poor Madison with forearm smashes, stomps, and chest chops. When she gets Madison on the ropes for some chokes, Becca steps in and counts for the break. Throughout the match Becca tries her best to break Mystique’s illegal chokes as poor Madison can only gasp for air! A few times Mystique gets in Becca’s face warning her to leave her alone … and it’s obvious that young Becca is afraid of the tough veteran. Poor Madison receives more punishment from low blows, an over the knee back breaker, and finally a camel clutch that brings a SCREAMING submission! Becca calls for the bell but Mystique refuses to release Madison and knocks the beauty out with a sleeper. After rolling Madison to safety Becca tries to revive her, but Mystique has other plans! Thinking that the ref is friends with Madison, the tough woman kicks Becca in the belly and tosses her out of the ring. At this point Becca has had enough, strips off her shorts (down to a tiny bikini) and jumps in the ring to fight Mystique. BIG MISTAKE! A choke slam, rope choke, belly punches, and a sleeper knocks Becca out. But STILL, Mystique isn’t done and begins to stomp her lifeless body. Madison tries to intervene and receives a nasty choke slam for her insolence! Then, to cap this incredible match off, Mystique piles the two girls on top of each other and performs a rarely seen DOUBLE camel clutch!!! Our cute young wrestlers go unconscious in the hold and are left in the pile as evil Mystique walks away.

This vid delivered all I could hope for, with Mystique being the all-powerful champion and having Madison and Becca completely destroyed separately and together. This has a good quick set up showing Madison and Becca aren’t friends, just meeting in the dressing room, which perfectly helps the rest of the video make good sense. Mystique is quick to be annoyed by Becca, who’s just trying to keep the match clean. I loved Madison getting destroyed, she really did a great job selling in this, even got some nice eyerolling on the KOs. Then Becca gets destroyed after Mystique claims she was playing favorites and of course, Becca was excellent, as always. Then they both Madison and Becca get KO’d in a very great looking double camel clutch. I really love this vid, great jobbers, great outfits, including Mystique’s as well, great selling, great story, I love Mystique just being so ever powering and an awesome finishing move too. A very great clip, I’ll definitely be watching this one a lot more.

Overall Score: 9.9/10