Review of My Personal Trainer Trains Me His Own Special Way

Review of Andrea Rosu’s Kinky ExplorationsMy Personal Trainer Trains Me His Own Special Way – 10 mins

I’m about to start my personal training session when I complain of a stiff neck, must have slept on it oddly. My trainer offers me his personal neck massage, promising me that it’ll relax me immediately. Before I can react, he presses his finger against my carotid artery, and I immediately pass out cold. My trainer swiftly catches me from falling, picks me up, and carries me to a couch where he lays me out on his lap. He picks up my arms and lets them drop, making sure I’m completely out cold. I have no knowledge of his wandering hands and eyes. Realizing this, he begins to touch and grab me everywhere. He wants to personally feel my hard body and how its been responding to his grueling workout sessions. At some point, I begin to come to and open my eyes, he immediately presses on my neck again. Before I have a sense of what is going on, I’m completely out again. He then picks me up, throws me over his shoulder and carries me to the bedroom where the real workout is about to begin. He throws me onto the bed, pulls down my bra to expose my big luscious tits. He pulls my short shorts to my knees before rolling me over, so he can get a better look at my ass. Now the fun begins!

Andrea Rosu is scheduled to visit SKW in the December, I believe, so I grabbed this nice limp play vid from her store. So, if some of you don’t know her, here’s a small sample of her “talents.” We get some nice limp play in this one and I absolutely love the workout clothes. She’s got an awesome, super curvy body and she looks so good as she’s carried around and played with. She wakes up a few times, but is quickly put back to sleep. She has big beautiful eyes, that’s great to watch as she slowly passes out. Other than that, this one just a pretty simple limp play vid, but a great look at Andrea. Overall, great reactions, awesome outfit, plenty of nice limp play and Andrea is just amazing, I cannot wait to see her at SKW.

Overall Score: 8.5/10