Review of My New Robodoll

Review of Kayla’s Eternal DreamMy New Robodoll – 10 mins

What would you do if you came home and there was a mysterious Robodoll sitting on your couch? You’d test her out, of course. He starts by standing her up, checking out her body, thoroughly. He sits her back down and finds a button on the back of her neck, turns out to be a power button, which of course makes her shut down and go fully limp. He plays with her limp body and face, and then carries her around the room, both in a cradled carry, then over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. He lays her back down, and checks out her body some more. He soon finds the power button again and decides to turn her back on as this one comes to a close.

I’ve gone back and gotten some Kayla Obey vids that I’ve missed, since Kayla’s been missing in action for most of this year. This one is done in true Kayla fashion, as it is quick and simple, but a solid production, bring us all the things we want to see. First we get to see lots of Kayla’s body as she stood in front of the camera and felt up. We get to see some skin as her shirt is lifted during much of the groping. Then once she’s turned off we get plenty of limp if really nice limp play, as he plays with her face and limbs, even carrying her around in two different styles. Overall, Kayla nails another simple vid, with some sexy limp play.

Overall Score: 9/10