Review of MW-682 Mutiny vs C-Sar Mixed Domination

Review of Mutiny Wrestling MW-682 Mutiny vs C-Sar Mixed Domination – 9 Mins

MutinyIf you liked MW-681, you will loved that one even more. Way more sexy and intense… C-Sar is very serious about dominating and humiliating me some more… He stretched me, spread my legs, made my top move to expose my breasts, did some bearhugs, atomic drops, back breakers, rib breakers, low blow, face slaps, BREASTS slaps, choking with my own top, more atomic drops, made me flip over his shoulder, hair pulling, he lifted me by my hair to throw me in the wall. He got very creepy and crazy, he took of my top to use it against me and finally he leaves me in room with it…. very intense!

More of the lovely Mutiny being destroyed by the brutal C-Sar, I don’t think I really need to say anything else, just go get it. It’s a great prostyle domination, C-Sar does a lot of very big moves, powerful looking moves. Mutiny’s top is falling off almost right away and later it’s fully off and used as a weapon, always love to see that. We unfortunately don’t get any KOs, but Mutiny’s selling is still top notch, as always. I absolutely love these matches with C-Sar and Mutiny, very brutal and intense. I definitely want more like this, but I do wish to get some KOs next time. Add a few KOs to the mix and you could have yourself a 10/10 here, Mutiny.

Overall score: 9/10