Review of MW-681 Mutiny vs C-Sar Grey Mixed Wrestling Domination

Review of Mutiny WrestlingMW-681 Mutiny vs C-Sar Grey Mixed Wrestling Domination – 11 Mins

MUTINYIf you like when a guy is completely dominating a girl with sexy and pro style wrestling moves, this is the match for you. Very sexy while very intense. This is the first match of our new incredible pro wrestler C-Sar. He is the new Carlos. I mean, Carlos will always be Carlos, the legend! But this new guy is taking it to the next level, pro style. This is his first match, but he did matches against Summer, A-Low Cat, Lily Cat and another one against me way more intense and well, sensual, which i didn’t expect. They will all be here to buy very soon! So, THIS match is his first. Very aggressive with me and there was no way I could do something. He choked me with one hand, lifted me in the air for a while and threw me in the wall. Nobody ever did that to me he lifted me in the air for many moves, including a tombstone and a torture rack with a back breaker. My top couldn’t stay on for those moves. He didn’t fix it, I think Carlos told him to just humiliate me and not care about the top moving I guess.

This is the kind of video that we just don’t get enough of from Mutiny. I know she’s got a few, but I honestly never ever get tired of seeing her in these brutal, one sided, prostyle, beatdowns. This is the perfect example of what I mean. This guy C-Sar is the perfect monster heel, like The Machine or Tiny, well, not quite Tiny, because Tiny’s size just puts him in a different category, but, anyway, C-Sar is awesome and totally ruthless. Just having his way with Mutiny and there is really nothing she can do to stop him. We get lots of real great and brutal looking moves where C-Sar just tosses Mutiny around the room, or bends and twists her at will, not caring about her cries for mercy, we even get a few KOs along the way. There’s nothing over the top about this one, so no real twitching or anything like that but, Mutiny is totally the perfect jobber. She’s just completely helpless and super sexy, with not only her amazing selling, but her top coming off and Mutiny not even getting the chance to fix it, definitely adds the overall sexiness of this match. I don’t see enough matches like this from Mutiny and she’s just so amazing, it’s a terrible shame that we don’t get this kind of matches all time. So please Mutiny, get totally dominated like this more often!!

Overall Score: 9.5/10