Review of MW-678 Lily Kat vs C-Sar DOMINATION Mixed Pro Wrestling

Review of Mutiny WrestlingMW-678 Lily Kat vs C-Sar DOMINATION Mixed Pro Wrestling – 10 mins

KATIf you enjoyed C-sar vs Mutiny, you will also love that one. C-Sar is the new pro wrestler of Mutiny Wrestling. He is 6’0 260lbs and loves to destroy cute girls. Lily is amazingly cute in her pink bikini and C-Sar is enjoying every second of the destruction! They started with a test of strength and he just played with her…he got her on her knees fast and just took control from that moment. He stretched her, choked her, lifted her, carried her. She is so tiny next to him. He even did am atomic drop, did some power moves, poor Lily wasn’t even able to fight back. Sad for her, but she is so sexy to watch when she’s a victim. Headlocks, side headlock, choke, figure four leg lock, stretching, single leg crab, full nelson, etc. The poor Lily is suffering a lot and you can see the fear in her eyes, but C-Sar is so intense and really into controlling her sexy body and inflicting pain! C-Sar slammed Lily on the couch then got her in a sexy full nelson. He then throws her on the mats in the last part and got her in a torture rack and kept her there a while before dropping on his knees. She is getting weaker and weaker. He choked her with his legs (neck scissors) then choked her while standing up, got her down, didn’t let her go, until she couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t even try to fight back. He left her there, on the mats!

Another vid with the manic C-Sar and the story is much the same as what happened when Mutiny faced him, total domination. This time his victim is this super cute girl named Lily. She looks awesome in her sexy bikini and even better being dominated my C-Sar. He is once again totally merciless while he’s bending, twisting and tossing poor Lily all over the place. Although not as rough as we was with Mutiny, no wardrobe malfunctions and never really getting total KO, it’s still a pretty great and brutal beatdown. I think Lily did a great job selling this, C-Sar makes it pretty easy to look terrified. Overall, I definitely love the brutality from C-Sar and I am looking forward to seeing who he gets to destroy next.

Overall Score: 9/10