Review of MW-624 Rick vs Mutiny

Review of Mutiny WrestlingMW-624 Rick vs Mutiny – 37 mins

Mutiny starts by explaining to the camera that she’s the dragon sleeper queen and everybody knows her for it. Then Rick arrived and laughs at Mutiny, because she has no belt to prove it. He’s a pro wrestler, so he only swears by belts. After he finally stopped laughing, he lifts Mutiny for a body slam. He does power moves like body slams, piledrivers and torture racks. Mutiny is completely helpless. Rick also puts her in some submission holds like boston crabs, camel clutchs, and of course dragon sleepers. Rick makes Mutiny pass out many times, and you can see her eyes rolling, and she starts to drool more and more. At one point, he takes off her long sleeves to reveal a very sexy pink and shiny bikini top, and he choked her with it until she passes out and drools even more. Very good action, stunners, big moves, submission holds, Mutiny is just a victim at this point, trying not to pass out again, but in vain. The domination is getting worst Stunners, tombstones, choking, sleepers, Mutiny’s eyes are crying, her makeup is all over her face, but she can’t do anything about it. Rick doesn’t say a word, but he doesn’t stop destroying her. Rick just gets meaner and wants to put Mutiny out for good. Rick finishes her good with a long finally sleepy that leave Mutiny drooling and twitching on the mats.

This is a squash for the recoded books. Mutiny is a hell of jobber, but it seems that she rarely does vids like this or I just seem to miss them, but I didn’t miss this one and you guys shouldn’t either. Mutiny lists this vid as a “Sleeperkid Style” and she’s not wrong. There is a ton of KOs in this one with amazing over the top selling from Mutiny, eyerolling, twitching and plenty of drooling. Rick uses all of the pro power moves that us who are used to Sleeperkid style videos know and love. Rick strips Mutiny of her original top, not long into his domination and at least once Mutiny’s boob slips out from under her bikini top. This is also a really long beatdown, clocking in at 37 minutes and Mutiny is out cold in just about 2 mins in. The KOs never stop coming from that point on, making this really amazing to watch and helping it to be over before you know it. Overall, with tons and tons of KOs, great selling and over top reactions from the amazing Mutiny, this is easily a must own for all us fans of “Sleeperkid style” videos.

Overall Score: 9.9/10