Review of MW-623 Mutiny being choked by Rick

Review of Mutiny ProductionsMW-623 Mutiny being choked by Rick – 17 mins

Mutiny told Rick she was the dragon sleeper queen and he laughed at her. He then decided to take control and make her pass out many times with sleep holds rear naked chokes. He just enjoyed seeing her eyes roll and struggle for her breath, he even smothered her with her own socks. He never gave Mutiny a chance to take control. Soon, he takes of her top off and smothers her with it. He really enjoyed watching her drool. It started with a little bit of it but got worst and worst. The drooling became more intense in the last scene when Mutiny’s really out, not just dizzy. she freaking out more, but Rick never lets up, Knocking her out more and more, leaving her twitching and drooling on the mats.

Mutiny again gets destroyed in another twitching, drooling, and this time mostly topless beatdown. What more do I really need to say then that? You guys already know how amazing Mutiny is as jobber, how much a love twitching and drooling. Also add in that Mutiny ends up topless at just about the half-way point, which of course is a fantastic thing to see. Also we get lots of good eye rolling, as the camera gets right in Mutiny’s face for many of the sleepers and chokes, giving us a great look at her eyes rolling back. Mutiny’s twitching also doubles as a way for her to regain consciousness, so you’ll see her twitching get more intense, then she kind of springs up, but Rick is right there to puts her in another move to put her right back out. So, this one is pretty simple guys, if you like over the top twitching, drooling, and eyerolling from a super sexy Canadian, top less jobber, the you need to go pick this one up, ASAP.

Overall Score: 9.9/10