Review of MW-295 Darrius vs Mutiny Sexy and ”Sensual”/Intense Boxing!

Review of Mutiny Wrestling MW-295 Darrius vs Mutiny Sexy and ”Sensual”/Intense Boxing! – 17 Mins

darriusGreat SEXY action in this video, a lot of punches to the face and stomach, some low blows and punches to my naked breasts, but yet, sensual. Why? Because I started the match trying to turn on Darrius. Usually it’s very easy to do so, I’m very good at that, especially with him! You can see in his little smile that he’s thinking ”this bitch is really getting me weaker”. He knows I’m powerful and can be very persuasive! So, I started the match by teasing him, talking in his ears, grinding my ass against his crotch to make him forget a little bit about the fight…But he didn’t let me finish my ”work”! He punched me in the face with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, lefts, rights, etc. He got me down several times. My top wasn’t staying in place and I thought it would help me break his focus, but I guess he’s used to seeing boobs (which surprises me a lot…but eh…). It didn’t break his focus, it gave him targets instead. At one point, I took control a little bit and I almost KO’d him. He went down, and I slowly went down, over his body and pressed my legs against his crotch to turn him on. It worked…but he got up and came back even stronger. I mean, when I’m turned on, I get weaker, but him? Opposite effect! He got me so good, I decided to take off my top completely to distract him. Didn’t work, gave him easier targets…He wasn’t only punching my breasts. When he got me really weak, he was robbing his gloves on my boobs, slowly, to turn me on. Yeah…it got me weaker…and he got me really good… Knocking me out cold.

This is absolutely my idea of boxing great match. It helps that it’s Darrius and Mutiny, their playful friendship shines though so well in their videos. The way they joke and flirt with each other and just talk trash really helps make the vids just so much more fun to watch. Mutiny again sells awesome, Darrius has her flying all over the place, struggling back to her feet and even knocked out cold a number of times throughout the video. Mutiny does get some offense in, using some dirty tactics, but not for too long as Darrius gets right back to controlling the match. Mutiny takes her Bikini top off, that wasn’t really doing its job anyway, about halfway through. It ends with a great total KO and beautiful shot of Mutiny out cold. This vid hits all the high spots I look for in my boxing vids, it’s mostly one sided, great punch reactions, plenty of knockdowns, great trash talk and a total KO finale. If you’re looking for a great mixed boxing match, this is the video you need to see.

Overall Score: 9.5/10