Review of Mutiny Defeated! POV Boxing

Review of Hit The MatMutiny Defeated! POV Boxing – 8 mins

Mutiny is enjoying being the dominant one for a change, and after picking you up off the mats, continues to pummel you for another minute and a half before, surprise! You fire back some quick jabs and stun Mutiny, pushing her back to the ropes and now it’s time to work her over! You pound her breasts, belly, and even her crotch. It’s back to jobber status for Mutiny as she takes a sexy beatdown. She doesn’t last long, as you take her from the dominate heel, to KO’d jobber out cold on the mats.

Mutiny again makes the perfect victim, although this one is really quick. Mutiny always sells amazingly, as always, so it is great to watch and it’s a POV match so we get great close ups of Mutiny’s beautiful topless body. There’s some corner work, some face punches the send Mutiny reeling and causing some great reactions. There’s also a knock down or two and a great final KO that has Mutiny flat out. My only complaint about this one is, there just isn’t enough, this feels like a teaser and will definitely leave you wanting more. Overall, Mutiny is a fan favorite for a reason and small doses just doesn’t fill the need. I hope the next time she comes to HTM, those of us who love to see Mutiny defeated, at least get 15 minutes.

Overall Score: 8.5/10