Review of Muscle Match

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Muscle Match – 14.5 Mins

MadisonWe join Madison in the dressing room, giving herself a pep talk preceding her wrestling match against Cheyenne Jewel. She knows her opponent is strong and experienced but is prepared for the fight of her career! The girls, dressed in pro gear, face off in a 3 round pro style wrestling match … muscle against muscle. The first round begins with some back and forth exchanges until Madison gets caught in a backward standing head scissors that knocks her out. Round two begins with a dominant Cheyenne taking Madison down with a near knockout sleeper, into a body scissors then a straight head scissors. But Madison uses her strength to roll out into a tight leg lock. She moves into a side figure four head scissors that knocks Cheyenne out! Round three starts with a TIGHT bear hug from Madison that Cheyenne powers out of to reverse into her own bear hug! She takes Madison to the mat where she applies a crippler crossface, nearly gaining a submission, but has to move on to a reverse head scissors. Madison manages to gain her own scissors and the two strong beauties struggle and end up with a double reverse figure four head scissors … a rare wrestling hold! They fight, moan, groan, and struggle … until one wrestler succumbs and drops her hand as she goes unconscious!

I never noticed just how tall Madison is, because I always thought of Cheyenne as one if the bigger girls, especially with those guns she’s packing. So I was bit surprised when Madison matched her in size, well at least in height. So, this is one of the uncommon times I was really happy to have some excellent back and forth action. All the rounds have great action, with the girls struggling for the win and I would even say, it wasn’t as predictable as most of the matches of this type normally are. Both girls look amazing and perform really well in the evenly matched battle. They both suffer through some painful submissions and a KO or two. In the end it’s Madison who gets to walk away, barely, leaving Cheyenne napping in the ring. I been a fan of Cheyenne for as long as I can remember and I’m really loving Madison as well, so I really loved that this match went the way it did.

Overall Score: 9/10