Review of Muscle Mash

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMuscle Mash – 12.5 mins

As Antoinette and Sassi square off in the ring, Antoinette can’t help but scoff at how much stronger she is that Sassi. Starting with a test of strength, Antoinette takes control with Sassi ending up in the corner for some knees and punches to the belly followed by some wicked chest chops. A snap mare puts Sassi on the mat where Antoinette demonstrates her strong upper body by putting the girl in a camel clutch and an over the knee back breaker. Antoinette goes for the early pin but Sassi is strong enough to kick out. Then it’s Sassi’s turn to demonstrate HER muscles as she hoists a shocked Antoinette up into a tight bear hug. Some corner work weakens Antoinette even more and two massive body slams pretty much finish her off. Sassi then has some fun with her own over the knee back breaker, torture rack, and a final full nelson/body scissors combination that brings screams of submission from the humiliated Antoinette!

Now here’s t time when Antoinette gets beaten and I can totally believe it. Sassi might not be that big, but she’s a monster nonetheless. She takes the best Antoinette can give, which is fun to see Sassi on the losing side too, but then she battles back and really shows Antoinette how it’s done. If you ever doubted just how powerful Sassi is, she shows you here, as she picks up Antoinette fairly easily a couple of times. I would have loved to see some KOs in this, at least one from both of them, but unfortunately there are none, not even at the very end. You guys know, I love my KOs and it always feels like something is missing when there’s none. Overall, I love seeing both these girls show off their power and also getting to both these traditional heels, on the losing side.

Overall Score: 8/10