Review of Muay Thai Mash

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsMuay Thai Mash – 18 mins

This video begins with a muay thai fight that has already underway. Jade Indica and Keri Spectrum are both equipped with bikinis, boxing gloves and comically large mouthpieces. Keri is dominating the sultry Jade with punishing body blows against the wall. Jade is devastated and exhausted as Keri lays into her. Not only does Keri use punches, but she also utilizes a few kicks in the first round. She sends Jade reeling with every punch. Jade hits the mats after a particularly rough blow and Keri mounts her, delivering some ground and pound. The bell rings the end the round. Round 2 starts and Keri launching herself to Jade’s corner to deliver some nasty knees to her before she can even stand up. She then throws Jade against the wall again and digs in with more punches and knees, as well as some hellacious elbows to the body and face. Jade feebly tries to defend herself, but ends up locked in a clinch where Keri is able to hit her even harder and deliver some more up close and personal knees. When the bell goes off again, this time Jade barely makes it to her corner. At the beginning of round 3 Keri gets dirty with her tactics and rips off her gloves, revealing her tapped fists. She throws Jade to the ground and takes off her gloves as well. Once mounted she hits Jade with a series of super hard elbows the body. Jade can barely stand it and is almost out at this point. She pulls Jade into a sleeper and kicks her in the stomach while holding her in the choke. She’s not finished yet, however, she throws Jade into an over the knee back breaker and opens her up for even more punishing elbows and punches. Jade is KO’d at this point and Keri stands up for her victory pose. When Keri walks off the mat, Jade wakes up, slowly crawling back to her corner. She puts her gloves on, gingerly, one by one, seems somebody may want a rematch.

Talk about pure dominance, I don’t think Jade even landed a single punch in this whole vid. She definitely had a never give up attitude though. She just kept getting up, ready for more, even though she was almost unconscious. Keri was more than happy the beat the fight out her though. Keri just kept bringing more and more heat, till Jade finally had no choice, but to pass out. Jade was pretty much out of it from the start of the video and I just love watching her struggle to say in the fight, trying to catch her breath in between round and failing to stop Keri’s onslaught. The mouthpieces are another not worthy thing, they a so big, neither Keri nor Jade can come anywhere close to closing their mouths with this them in. I really like the mouthpieces, not only for the comedic value, but also because to could get spat out and Keri did not disappoint, near the end of the vid, Jade was finally forced to release her mouthpiece, I just love that. Overall, I love how much Jade struggled to say in this fight and how much Keri fought to put Jade out for good. Jade somehow made it back to her corner after the Keri left, I wonder what she was thinking and if her really thinks she could take more punishment.

Overall Score: 9/10