Review of Morgan Del Ray Defeated

Review of Hit The MatMorgan Del Ray Defeated – 9 mins

Morgan Del Ray in her first POV boxing video! The beautiful petite fighter is loaded with energy and ready to “kick your ass” and take your money. Morgan starts off throwing punches at you, but one jab knocks her back and stuns her. Quickly she’s in the corner getting worked over with punches to the belly. Morgan has a lot of spirit and keeps fighting back, but she is continually pummeled, knocked down, and after some sexy suffering, knocked out in defeat!

It’s great to see that Morgan’s first POV vid is her losing, she is a super sexy and puts up a good fight, unfortunately for her all your punches are just too much for her. She does knock you down once, but you are quickly back to your feet and start sending her reeling with your punches again. We get a couple of good knockdowns, as well as plenty of corner work, all sold very well by Morgan. Morgan makes some really tough faces when she throws punches and better ones when she gets punched. Of course it ends with a good KO that follows after on of the knockdowns clearly ring her bell too much for her to recover from. Overall, this is a good straight forward POV boxing vid, with nothing but a beautiful jobber girl, who got some fight in her and some great reactions from your overpowering punches. A great first POV vid from Morgan.

Overall Score: 9/10