Review of Mommy vs Daughter Beatdowns – Expelled & Piledriven

Review of Lucha girlsMommy vs Daughter Beatdowns – Expelled & Piledriven – 21 mins

Jezabel Romo is playing Lucky O’Shea’s mom, asked to come meet Lucky, becasue she’s got some news for her. Lucky waits, looking terrified. Jezabel comes in the ring, ready to kick someone’s ass. Jezabel wastes no time scolding her daughter, then come to find out that Lucky got kicked out of college. Jezabel immodestly commences to kicking Lucky’s ass all over the ring, still yelling at her the whole time. Jezabel stomps her, slams her, kicks her, chokes her and gives her multiple brutal piledrivers in her parental rage. Two back to back piledrivers puts Lucky out for the night, ending her punishment.

Lucky is such a sexy girl, I just love her body and her selling. She makes an awesome cute girl, getting scolded my her mother. She looks so scared with her runny nose. Jezabel is a great ass kicking momma. She talks so much trash, its great. Jezabel and Lucky play off of each other so well it had me laughing over and over again. As far as the action goes, it’s pretty good too. There are a several piledrivers all of them cause KOs. The early KOs are quick as Jezabel is too pissed to let Lucky rest. There’s a bunch of submission hold as well as other humiliating silliness. Overall, it a really silly, one sided beatdown, that had me laughing out loud.

Overall Score: 8.5/10