Review of Molly Jane in Job Interview Gone Wrong

Review of Cory Chase CustomsMolly Jane in Job Interview Gone Wrong – 8 Mins

Alex is conducting acting auditions, when Molly walks in with her perfect body and huge tits, Alex knows he’s found the right girl. He tells her that the movie will involve her fainting and stands behind her. He asks her to faint into him and not break character. Molly closes her eyes and drops into his arms. Alex cups her tits, seeing if she will wake up, and lifts her around the room. “How did I do?” she asks when the scene ends. “I think you got the roll” he tells her and shoves a rag over her mouth. Molly struggles, confused and freighted, until she passes out. Alex makes sure she is out before striping her of her clothes. He takes his time, making sure to play with her large tits and perfectly shaved pussy. Admiring her gorgeous body, Alex lifts her up again and exits the room. Looks like Molly is going to be a movie star after all….

Beautiful limp play vid here, this one too falls into that very simple, yet well executed kind of video. I don’t really know the production and have no idea who Molly Jane is, but she is awesome in this role and has a fantastic body. I like how Alex has her pretend first, than really puts her out. We don’t get any reactions from either the “real” of the pretend KO, but she did briefly struggle pretty hard when she was chloroformed, that was nice. There’s a lot of carrying, only cradle carries, and he shows her body off very well. Also there is a good amount of limp play, as he rolls her around while getting her clothes off and moves her around a lot after she’s naked, showing her off nicely. Overall, I was pointed to this video and production from a fan, and the great quality, the super sexy Molly and some solid limp action makes me really glad that I checked this one out.

Overall Score: 9/10