Review of Mixed Wrestling Vol.5

Review of RingDivasMixed Wrestling Vol.5 – 20 mins

Destiny Dumon gets absolutely destroyed by Demon Machine, she comes in with a ton of confidence, holding to championship belt high, but it only takes Demon Machine a few seconds to get Destiny on the mats and moments later, she’s out cold. It only gets worse for Destiny as she is mercilessly tossed all over the ring, tortured and KO’s again and again. Demon finally ends her suffering by first wrapping a chair around her arm and stomping on it, then putting her in a brutal submission hold. Destiny taps out only seconds in, but The Demon holds it on for a while. He isn’t finished though; he now takes the chair and puts it around her neck for more stomps, which puts Destiny out cold. He leaves the ring, but comes back for a few more stomps on the chair still around Destiny’s neck. Destiny comes to, grasping at her neck, Demon takes the chair for her neck and leaves Destiny rolling in pain in the ring. She doesn’t last long as the pain and the beating she took makes her pass back out.

Before I begin this review, as this will be a trend for RingDivas vids, I got to make sure I get my major complaints out of the way. This vid is listed at 20 minutes, but after the Ring Divas intro and the wrestler intros, the match doesn’t start until 3.5 minutes in, which is just too long. 20% of the overall time gone and the bell just rang. Next thing is, this vid is $40, which is absolutely crazy for 16 mins of content, that some already paid upwards of $500 for, it doesn’t make sense to me. These are my major issues with Ring Divas and until they realize how much of a mistake they are making, I will keep complaining about it.

Now, that I’m done with my complaining, let me tell you guys just how good this video is, because it is a good one. Saying that Destiny got destroyed, is almost an understatement, The Demon is incredibly merciless, as he pretty much rips Destiny to pieces, without a care in the world. He knocks her out a good number of times, ragdolls her a bit, then wakes her up for more over and over. He has Destiny screaming in pain with plenty of submission holds. Then to add salt to the wounds her brings in weapon and really pours on the punishment, nearly breaking her arm and her neck with the chair. Destiny is super sexy and looks so helpless, as Demon does as he pleases. We get great expressions of terror and pain from Destiny. Destiny, even though she’s a champion in this one, is by far one of the best jobbers to ever grace RingDivas. Overall, this is pretty high on the list as one on of the most brutal beatdowns I’ve ever seen. This is really great one-sided beatdown and is ALMOST worth $40, but not quite.

Overall Score: 9.9/10