Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMIXED DREAMS: ALEX – 31 mins

After taking a sneak attack sleeper from Alex, a stunned SK suffers from her camel clutch, figure four leglock, and figure four neckscissors KO! A confident Alex goes for the pin and delights in having beaten the Kid! We fade in a few days later, with Alex still reveling in her win during a promo, one that SK interrupts with a giant dose of chloroform. Alex goes down slowly, eyes rolling as she falls into a deep sleep. SK cracks his knuckles and proceeds to teach the SKW vet a very important lesson: always look over your shoulder after you’ve cheated the KID out of a win! What follows is a classic “Mixed Dreams” style destruction, with Sleeperkid destroying Alex until a final set of specially picked finishers MERCIFULLY ends the match.

This is one I know a lot of people have been looking for, as Alex is still easily a fan favorite. If anyone has ever seen one of these Mixed Dreams matches before, then you know exactly what you’re going to get here, as this one fits right in with the rest of them. SK gets he revenge for the earlier defeat, with great style. Alex comes through with great selling, with lots of eyerolling, as she is famous for. We get a long list of great and powerful moves that bring us plenty of KOs and have Alex crying for mercy. Overall, after the first few minutes, we great a nice old school style, one sided beatdown. All you Fans of Alex, this is one for you.

Overall Score: 9/10