Review of Mixed Boxing Compilation

Review of Mixed Boxing Compilation – 29 mins

This clip is a compilation of mixed boxing matches between Noelle, Natalie and Keena vs the Unstoppable HitMan. They all quickly fail and being any kind of competition as the are KO’d and played with for most of each segment.

This vid is called Mixed Boxing compilation, but the boxing is the smallest part of this vid, which also happened to be a blessing in disguise, because the actual fighting is really, pretty poor. So, thankfully they quickly get KO’d with one or two punches and then its turns into a limp play vid, which is definitely what these guys know how to do. 3 really cute girls. although the lighting in the 1st part is pretty bad. 2 of the 3 get totally striped naked while out cold. The 2nd one is my favorite as there was some teasing on the stripping and she was also my favorite looking girl of the 3. Overall, thank goodness this wasn’t a boxing vid!

Overall Score: 8/10