Review of MERRY vs TINY

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldMERRY vs TINY – 19 mins

In this brutal custom squash, the lovely Merry Meow is completely destroyed by 6’9 Tiny, who for some reason decides to use Merry’s HAIR as his torturous focal point! We fade in on an already unconscious Merry, having been defeated by a smaller SKW fighter. Tiny enters and is sickened by her lack of skill and honor, and decides that she needs to be punished. Merry is taken apart piece by piece, even losing chunks of her red locks as Tiny makes yet ANOTHER example out of an up and coming SKW wrestler!

All you hair pulling fans, your prayers have finally been answered. I have never been a fan of hair pulling matches, because they’re normally uncreative, have zero KOs and just bore me nearly to tears. None of those apply to this video, as there are plenty of KOs, even for me, lots and lots of hair pulling or hair focused attacks and the kind of creativity that SKW is known to deliver. Even from the way this one starts, the SKW brand of creativity is already at work. Then Tiny, being as brutal as ever, really does a myriad of creative and impressive attacks, like forcing Merry to bite her own tongue or picking Merry up off the ground, while she’s still out cold, by only her hair. It’s crazy just how powerful and cruel he can be and with is insane focus on hair pulling definitely makes this one for the fans of that kind of destruction. In the end, The Tiny Special, finally puts Merry out of her misery, even making her arms hang limp on the final piledriver. Overall, leave it to SKW to make a hair pulling video that even I can really enjoy.

Overall Score: 9.5/10