Review of MERCY and the CLONES

Review of MERCY and the CLONES – 19 min

We fade in on Jacquelyn Velvets AKA Agent Mercy. This time she’s been captured and is being held hostage under the careful eye of a Miranda, one of many clones. Mercy wakes up, handcuffed to a chair. She quickly starts begging her overseer for water, eventually the clone cracks and leaves to get water. while she’s gone Mercy get free. When the clone returns, she’s shocked to see Mercy missing. In her panic she doesn’t see Mercy sneaking up on her. Mercy quickly takes out the clone with a sleeper, she than hog ties and gags the sleeping guard. From her we get treated to a sentry style vid, as Mercy goes from room to room dispatching clones along the way.

Miranda is someone who I haven’t seen much of, but what i have seen from her has been pretty good. This continues that trend. In the end this is a sentry girls vid with a little less KO toys in exchange for some added bondage. I love the bondage stuff, it not something that gets into SKW vids often, but when ever it does, I’m happy to see it. The time it takes to ties up Miranda can also double as some limp play, because she’s out cold, which is also very nice to see. Of course there’s plenty of other KOs. lots of neck snaps and dead falls, also good reactions, and KO positions from Miranda. Jackie makes a great heel, confidently sneaking up on each clone and quickly taking them down. Overall, there are a ton of KOs, good selling, a little bit of bondage. A good combo for any sentry style vid.

Overall Score: 8.5/10