Review of Megan in Kept Under Control

Review of Superbound Megan in Kept Under Control – 18 Mins

MeganSuper busty ebony beauty Megan is the target of a masked man who sneaks into her place and handgags her from behind and ‘subdues’ her quickly. He conducts some limb play as well before walking away. She regains her faculties and wonders what just happened and walks along looking unsteady on her feet when she is beset upon again by the masked man who ‘takes care’ of her resistance and fondles her big tits and plays with her limbs. A little more time passes and she’s wanders into the bedroom where she is grabbed and ‘subdued’ with her massive chest getting some more attention as usual. This strange cat and mouse again continues when she walks out of the bedroom and doesn’t see the masked man lurking against the wall behind her until he has ‘under’ control. Outside she comes to and moves forward when she ends up ‘subdued’ again along with the prerequisite groping and limb play. After another break period she wanders on her knees towards the couch in order to get some rest and ends up ‘smothered’ from behind as it turns out the masked man was hiding behind the couch. A tapegag is put over her mouth for when she gets loud, but for now the masked man enjoys squeezing her big tits!

Ever just wanted to see a beautiful girl repeatedly chloroformed and played with? Well that exactly happens here. Poor Megan just couldn’t ever figure out what keeps happening to her as the masked man keeps sneaking up on her and knocking her out. There‚Äôs no dialoged at all, but I love that she gets a little more dazed and confused after each KO, causing her stumble around a little worse each time. Her selling for the KOs is pretty good, although we didn’t get too much eyerolling or crossing. I was really happy to see that her heels stayed on the whole time. Too often the shoes are the first thing to and it’s just nice that she gets to keep them on the whole time. The limp play is good, nothing too detailed here, he plays with her quickly after each KO, then waits for her to wake back up. Great shots of her sleeping in lots of different positions and we get to see her wake up and struggle to her wobbly legs, just to get chloroformed again. It’s a simple idea, but I really enjoyed it.

Overall score 9/10