Review of Meda vs Nina – Sadistic Fight Club

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Review of Italian Fetish GamesMeda vs Nina – Sadistic Fight Club – 41 Mins

NinaFrancis tells of one of the most dramatic match of S.F.C. tournament. The history between Meda dubbed (the beast) and Nina (sweet cat). The two challengers found themselves at the center of an incredible challenge, never seen before. The kitten Nina used some incredible drugs to waken Meda and is able to dominate and win the first challenge. Meda is by far the most dangerous and destructive fighter and she is seeking revenge. Nina is nervous about the next challenge and rightfully so, as Meda gets her revenge, choking Nina in many ways and a final neck snap puts Nina out for good.

This vid is totally in Italian, all the set up and storytelling that Francis does throughout the video means nothing to me, but I still get the gist of the story. Nina drugs Meda and is able to beat her in the first match. I am not a fan of the first part strictly because I don’t like BBWs as jobbers. Luckily, Meda gets a rematch where she’s not drugged and she completely destroys Nina and this is the part I loved. Meda goes straight for the neck choking Nina. Nina eyes start crossing and rolling, her tongue is all the way out and she starts drooling before a final neck snap puts her out cold. Meda’s revenge it just short of 20 mins and is Nina is selling like that for the majority of that battle. So needless that say the second half is the best part and I think this vid is sold in 2 parts, so if you just want to see Nina getting choked out, then you can just grab part two, is you want to see Meda get wrecked you can get just part one or you can get them both. For a vid like this, that’s such a useful thing to the producers to do, so take advantage.

Overall Score: 8/10