Review of Marissa vs Eurika Battle 2

Review of Marissa vs Eurika Battle 2 – 13 mins

This one is from a place called FEM WARZ, I’ve never seen one from them before. A friend/lurker of my reviews told me to check this one out and I found it good enough to bring to you guys.

Marissa is in blue and she sneaks up on Eurika, in orange, who is stretching in this mat room. The surprise attack easily gives Marissa the advantage. Marissa puts Eurika through a good number of holds and Eurika gets really exhausted and winded, but keeps trying to fight back, Marissa seem pretty easy to beat, but Eurika is just too tired to hold control of the match for a while. Try and try again and soon enough, Eurika does gain control and after a few kicks a punches, Eurika hits a Tombstone Piledriver that KOs Marissa. Eurika pins her a leaves Marissa KO’d in the middle of the mat.

I was rather satisfied with this, not knowing anything about these girls or the production I’m normally pretty cautious, but I’m happy to say my friend did me right. These girls are pretty and the pro style outfits are great. Eurika sells her exhaustion very well and her reactions are pretty good. Marissa executes the moves pretty well although her punches look a little weird to me, I like how Eurika kept trying to fight back and eventually wins. She didn’t count the final pin or take a victory pose, two details i know a lot of people look for. Overall, I love the outfits, the selling was satisfactory and only one KO, but its a great one. This this is a solid vid and I plan on looking at more vids from here.

Overall Score: 8/10