Review of Make Me Tap

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMake Me Tap – 16.5 Mins

TAPFrom your humble producer: “This video is without a doubt one of my FAVORITE custom videos! From the creative and sexy outfits, to the amazing choice of holds, and to the attitudes of Becca and LeAnn as this match unfolds, it is spectacular!” We join Becca and LeAnn engaged in an intense grappling match when suddenly, LeAnn gets Becca in a suspended pretzel hold, bringing a screaming submission! They talk about the match as LeAnn towels off and Becca admits that she kind of enjoyed being submitted by LeAnn. She asks a hesitant Leann if she’ll apply some submission holds to her because she actually ENJOYS it!! LeAnn finally agrees and starts putting leg locks, arm locks, and leg stretching holds on Becca. At the beginning, LeAnn is concerned about hurting Becca but as she gets into it, the brunette starts enjoying dominating Becca and forcing her to submit! She even plays with the blond by covering her mouth when she tries to give up! But after each submission, Becca (although she’s in pain), shows a little smile on her face! At the end, Leann dominantly ties up Becca with her own body and sits proudly on her up raised butt as Becca rolls her eyes in ecstasy!

This is a vid I was going to skip, because I thought it was just going to be a regular submissions only match, but after reading the description, I thought, this was something I need to see. I was right. This is quite an interesting and unique video. Becca actually enjoys the pain and being forced to submit to LeAnn. You see Becca smiling through the pain all the time, loving every bit of it. I really love that. Becca enjoying being a jobber, brilliant. LeAnn started off slow, but just about got carried as she started to really love putting the hurt on Becca as much as, maybe even a little more than Becca was loving being in the other side. Although there was some pretty great looking holds, nothing tops the final victory pose. Becca’s folded up into a nice little stool for LeAnn to sit on, as Becca smiles, eyes rolling, barely conscious underneath. I definitely need to see that victory pose again and the idea of letting yourself be defeated and loving it, needs to happen again as well, maybe with a few KOs next time?

Overall score: 8.5/10