Review of Mai vs The Queen: The Rematch

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomMai vs The Queen: The Rematch – 31.5 mins

Mai, has returned, not learning her lesson last time she faced Antoinette. They start off with a quick arm wresting match that leads to Mai challenging Antoinette officially. Antoinette starts off strong, Winning the 1st 2 rounds, but Mai is not going to be defeated so easily. She fights back and takes control for a long time, taking 4 straight rounds making the score 4 to 2. Just when we actually start to worry if Antoinette might actually be taken down, she rallies back, totally dominating the rest of the match, defeating Mai, yet again.

I got to say, this might have been the longest I’ve ever seen Antoinette on the losing side. It’s almost weird to see. I’m used to her losing a round of two during these matches, but she lost 4 rounds in a row this one. I guess, this is what happens when Antoinette fights some one her own size. These matches are always fun. I love the half conscious pins and the eventual domination from Antoinette. Big fans of both outfits, fishnets are a welcomed addition. Overall, good to see Antoinette struggle a little more than usual, but of course happy to see her come out on top, in her traditional dominate fashion.

Overall score: 8.5/10