Review of Madison Wrestles the Queen

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMadison Wrestles the Queen – 28.5 mins

Madison enters the dressing room while Antoinette is fixing her makeup in the mirror, shoving the Latina beauty aside. This obviously angers Antoinette who quickly challenges the tough little Madison to a match. They make their way to the ring, but Antoinette grabs Madison in a headlock outside the ring, slamming forearms into the stunned girl’s back. A quick toss into the ring starts this multi fall, 30 minute match that includes plenty of sexy wrestling moves, a few knockouts, and some of the most creative and humiliating pins you’ve ever seen in the “Queen of the Ring” matches. While Antoinette dominates the majority of this match, Madison is a spunky fighter and manages to take the larger girl down and into several painful holds, gaining four pins. But, as always, Antoinette is just too much of a woman for Madison to handle and the cute girl next door is finally knocked out for good, rolled out of the ring, and carried over Antoinette’s shoulder back to the dressing room.

Here’s something I feel like we haven’t seen in a while and that’s Madison losing a match. Madison hasn’t been in too many matches overall, is a strong gal, and wins most of the time, but not this time. It’s good to see her lose this one to the queen. Of course being the tough girl that she is, she didn’t go down without a fight, taking a few rounds of her own. Both Antoinette and Madison have a good amount of time in control, but Antoinette, as always keeps the crown. Both girls give us lots of good selling, we get a couple of good KOs, plenty of scissors and other sexy holds, with some really nice pins at the end of each round. You guys know what to expect when grabbing this one. Overall, I’m just happy to see Madison, in anything really, as she starting to become another favorite of mine and Antoinette, still doing what she does best, which is finding a way to win. I’m always happy to see her come out on top.

Overall Score: 8.5/10