Review of Madison Beats a Barbie Doll

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMadison Beats a Barbie Doll – 29 mins

Madison is leaving FWR for a while and wants to treat the fans to one last beatdown before she goes, but Becca claims that Madison’s gotten weak and is leaving because she’s afraid to get her ass kicked. The rules are that they must get as many submissions or knockouts as possible before the time limit is up. After each fall the loser must mark a tally on a nearby whiteboard. Madison shows her mean side by systematically destroying Becca in a one-sided affair. Becca is repeatedly forced to submit several times and then is knocked unconscious and posed over. Becca is frustrated after losing the initial falls and at the start of each new fall, she still tries to be the aggressor despite getter more and more worn out after each defeat. Madison takes Becca’s punches in stride and continues her domination. Becca often finds herself crawling to the whiteboard, after being woken up, to mark Madison’s wins. As she humiliates poor Becca, Madison begins calling her “Barbie Doll” as she forces her to crawl around the ring. After Rick calls the time limit of the match, Madison forces Becca to carry the tally board around over her head like a ring girl only to then KO Becca again and make Becca’s limp hand mark one more score on the board. Madison tells us not to worry she’ll be back soon before leaving the ring area.

This one is just like the other one I reviewed with Payton dominating and humiliating LeAnn, in Bikini Domination, except this one is with the, ever so amazing, Becca as or jobber and this one has plenty of KOs. Becca, as always, delivers us an outstanding performance. She tries so hard to take control at the beginning of each round only to lose to the powerful Madison and the get better and better the weaker Becca becomes. I really love how this started the some really great submissions that had Becca crying in pain and then went to KOs later in the match. Madison having to wake Becca up just to mark her score and other things on the board, adds even more to the humiliation Becca was already suffering through. Then in the end, after Becca’s forced ring girl act, Madison knocks Becca out cold with some punches to the face, then drags her to the scoreboard and makes Becca’s limp arm mark one more final point. That is absolutely the cherry on top of this outstanding vid. Madison promised us she’d be back after the summer and she better be, but at least she left us with this gem before she left.

Overall score: 9.5/10