Review of Madelyn Ravae Knocked Out 2

Review of Girls Getting SleepMadelyn Ravae Knocked Out 2 – 16 mins

Madelyn Ravae’s stepbrother can’t help but be highly attracted to her, and especially her sexy feet. Unfortunately, Madelyn is more interested in him inviting his hot friend over and pays him little attention. He hits her over the head with a club, knocking her silly. As Madelyn smiles and tries to catch the imaginary birdies she sees, her stepbrother hits her once more, knocking her completely out this time. His sleeping, limp stepsister is all his to play with now. He undresses his new toy and plays with her limp body as he pleases, knocking her out again each time she wakes up.

A new one, with one of my favorite girls at, Ravae, who has a first name now, apparently. Anyway, this one starts off stilly, but is pretty much a limp play video the whole way through. It is funny watching Ravae try to catch the birds and stars she sees after the first bonk on the head, no sound effects though. Once she’s out, she gets fully stripped, which involves lots of rolling her body around, which I my favorite thing about this and we get lots of great close ups of her tiny frame, as well as plenty close looks at her feet and some good eye rolling and eye checks. She wakes up twice after the first KO, but only gets really silly one other time, where she pulls her panties back on, trying to figure out what’s going on. That’s enough wake ups and KOs for me, seeing how this is a limp play vid after all. We get some great positions once she’s on the floor, as well some sexy nude shots. Overall, as these vids tend to be, nothing to complicated here, just a lot of limp play with a very pretty girl, you’re not going to catch me complaining about that.

Overall Score: 8.5/10