Review of Maci at your Mercy

Review of Cali’s CustomsMaci at your Mercy – 15 mins

During this POV beatdown, you toss a helpless 5’10” Maci Wilde around the room as your personal rag doll. She can barely keep her eyes open and passes out from the slightest of blows. You start simple with a quick choke that puts her lights out fast. You admire her sleeping body till she wakes up. Once she’s back on her, a quick shot to the face lays her right back out cold on the mats, where you again just watch her sleep until she stirs, You continue to easily KO her every times she gets up back to her feet, watching her sleep and every now and then you and few stomps while she out cold, just for fun. Finally she learns to stay out and after checking out her body for a while, you leave her to sleep in peace.

This is another really nice and simple vid. Maci is clearly no match for you as you can knock her out with a single punch. We don’t really get too many great facial reactions from Maci, other than the look of pure terror, but she do give us some great flops as she drops unconscious to the mats. The attacks used are pretty simple, nothing much more than a punch, slap or a quick choke, but all have quite an effect on Maci. A lot of this vid is just looking at Maci’s body on the mats. Unfortunately, there’s no limp play at all, you just look and on two different KO’s you stomp on her a few times. I do wish there was some limp play, checking the arms and eyes or playing with her face, any of that would have been great. Overall, I love just how easy it is to KO Maci and watching her flop to the mats, there’s a lot of free time for limp play that would have been nice, but I still really liked this vid.

Overall Score: 8/10