Review of Lured In and Put Out

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsLured In and Put Out – 28 Mins

KERIKeri and Cherie are all sexed up in slinky club dresses and heels, makeup and hair to the 9’s….they are SO ready to go out and pick up some sexy guys and have a wild night! Just as they’re excitedly going over their plans in detail, they hear a knock at the door. Keri comes back with a cute co-ed in cut off denim shorts and a belly shirt (SO not their type!). When they ask what she wants, Jade introduces herself and explains she’s selling perfumes door to door for a good cause. She lays it on really thick, but Keri and Cherie won’t budge. They eventually agree to just SMELL the perfume if it will get Jade out of their hair…Jade sprays Keri in the face first. It immediately shocks her, throwing her eyes wide open and rolling as the fumes hit her system. This isn’t perfume: it’s sleepy spray! Cherie is confused about what’s going on, but before she can react, Jade hits her with it as well! Keri and Cherie do a good deal of eye rolling, bobbing and weaving before collapsing on the couch, just where Jade wanted them! Jade enjoys her sweet silent time with some limp play, checking and bouncing the hot blonde’s limbs, eyes, etc. She does limp arm drops as well as caressing and sensually stroking their bodies…it’s quite obvious she is JUST getting warmed up here! Just as it starts to get good, Cherie starts to come to and jumps up, screaming at Jade! She wants to know what the hell she is doing! Quick to react, Jade grabs her and throws a rear naked choke/sleeper hold on her, squeezing as tight as she can. For every extra ounce Cherie struggles, she cuts off her own air that much more. Her resistance slowly diminishes to a few sluggish slaps and groans, her eyes lolling around lazily before shutting completely, her mouth slack. Jade is ready to play with Cherie for real now, so she removes her dress, shoes and bra. Her arousal is kicked into overdrive at seeing Cherie almost nude, so she gyrates against her suggestively, suckling her nipples and breasts, kissing up and down her body. She gets lost in the moment and in Cherie’s sensuous curves long enough for Keri to also come to. Jade is once again quick enough to recover from her initially delayed reaction, and comes at Keri with a strong hand over mouth smother. Keri is all wild eyes and thrashing arms, panicked after seeing the scene around her and knowing what is to come as she goes out. Jade just laughs and once Keri is out, strips her of her clothes as well and continues her perversion and sensual play. As Jade is playing with Keri’s ample breasts, Cherie is quiet as can be as she comes around this time, remembering the technique Jade had used on her. She manages to apply the very same hold to Jade, and BAM! She relishes in Jade slowly being drained of consciousness and going over and over and out. Once out, Cherie awakens Keri to help her out with their little ‘problem’. The two friends want to have some fun and payback, though. They strip Jade and start to get sexual with her, together. They caress her, rub her, and even mount and ride her. They face sit her and ride her face hard as well. When they prop Jade up in the middle of them to do some limp play, Jade snaps her eyes open quick as can be and double neck chops the both of them expertly! Keri and Cherie are out again after some amazing and epic eye rolling/lolling action! Jade has them both out again, and while she initially begins her erotic play again, she comes to have a change of spirit. She slaps Keri gently awake, and tells her that she will stop utilizing her tactics against her if Keri joins her side. Keri is flabbergasted at first, but thinking that there is no way they’ll beat Jade, eventually agrees. They wake Cherie up for the grand finale, with Keri applying a crushing head scissor. Jade explains exactly what is going on, and Cherie is shocked and appalled! She begs Keri not to do this, but Keri keeps squeezing with her legs. Before Cherie can go out, Jade instructs Keri to sit her up and get behind her. Keri reverse face sits Cherie while Jade lifts up her head and rubs it in Keri’s ass and pussy, teasing her with possibly unconsciousness. But, it’s not time yet….To finish her off, Keri applies a sleeper hold while Jade stimulates her pussy. She brings Cherie to a crushing and overwhelming forced orgasm while Keri has her on the verge of unconsciousness. Once she cums hard, Keri squeezes hard enough for her to finally get some true rest and be out….

This may be the sexiest, or most sexual vid I have ever seen from Keri. I don’t know how often she does vids like this, but the answer needs to be, more often. This vid takes the time to give us a long set up, which I was good and really makes you annoyed with Jade, which is the point. I love that once the knockouts get going there is an emphasis on eyerolling and they really take their time on most of the KOs to give us a great look at the girls rolling their eyes. Lots of sexy limp play action, feeling up and some facesitting. Jade and Cherie are topless for the most of the video, while Keri denies us sleepy fans yet again. I don’t know why it seems like the only videos that Keri is never ever topless in are sleepy videos. I know it’s pretty rare that she’s takes her top off at all, but it just never seems to be in a sleepy vid and that makes me a little sad…. Anyway, Keri does give us some really great eyerolling and even a little twitching during her KOs. It’s also nice that everybody gets at least one KO with good eyerolling and a little time getting felt up and played with. The ending is definitely the icing on the cake, not only does Keri turn on her friend, which didn’t take too much convincing, but the sleeper, forced orgasm combo is just super sexy. Overall, this vid is really really sexy, there’s plenty of KOs, lots of eyerolling, plenty of limp play and a good story with teamwork, treason and a fabulous ending. If you’re in the mood for a sexy limp play vid, then this is the one you need to see.

Overall Score: 9/10