Review of Lucky vs Antoinette: Knockouts & Pins

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLucky vs Antoinette: Knockouts & Pins – 22 mins

This one begins as Lucky and Antoinette are having a traditional arm wrestling match on the carpet. When Lucky loses, as expected, because no one has beaten Antoinette yet, they rise and the challenge is made by Antoinette. A wrestling match with knockouts and pins where the winner is the first one with 4 victories. Lucky can not accept fast enough. They go at it and Antoinette immediately takes control in her dominate fashion, soon knocking out Lucky as Antoinette takes the first pin fall. The action continues with plenty of power moves, slams and even some piledrivers. After Antoinette takes the second fall, Lucky manages to come back and put Antoinette through some moves that she hasn’t experienced before. Did you think a smaller girl like Lucky could body slam Antoinette? She also does a fireman’s carry to Antoinette, as well as an amazing tombstone piledriver! When the score is tied, Antoinette rallies back and goes to town on Lucky, Knocking her out cold with her powerful legs and doubling up on her pin falls with a 10 count and a 20 count pin fall back to back, giving her the win.

I have got to start with the middle of this match. Who knew Lucky was such a powerhouse? She carries Antoinette on her shoulders and makes it look easy. Then even plants her with a piledriver. I never expected to see that. In the end, Antoinette come through victorious as usual and I’m glad too, I do love Lucky as a jobber, she’s an outstanding seller and looks just as great. There’s a good amount of KOs, but I think Antoinette might have been a little worried after she was carried around and piledriven by Lucky. Once she KO’d Lucky after that, she took two pin without waking up Lucky in between the last two falls. I like to think that, whether or not that was intended. I do love those long pins, 20 count pins are great, as long as they are used sparingly, like in this case. Overall, KOs and pins are the name of the game and that’s what you’ll get in good fashion with this one.

Overall Score: 9/10