Review of Loser Leaves the Dojo

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLoser Leaves the Dojo – 29 mins

Peyton and Becca are rivals in the dojo club, so their coach decides to put them in the ring to decide who stays and who leaves. Dressed in boxing shorts, shin guards, boxing gloves, and mouth pieces, they meet in the center of the ring for the rules. This is a multi-round match with the loser being the first woman unable to rise after three 10 count knockdowns. The man videotaping the match acts as the referee as well as the coach, giving both girls pep talks between rounds as they sit breathless in their corners. The intense battle lasts 5 rounds with Becca actually getting counted out TWICE in the first round! But she fights back and puts Peyton down as the fight progresses. In round 5 Becca has tied it up, 2 falls a piece. The girls battle hard back and for till a spectacular knockout to bring this battle to a close.

What an awesome vid this is, Peyton and Becca go at each other real hard and all the strikes have quite and impact on them. With Becca going down twice in the first round, she ends up on Dream Street for most of the first 2 rounds. Becca is one of the best at selling being punch drunk and this is another great chance to see that. I love at the end of round two, Rick goes over to talk to Becca, but she’s still clearly still out of it, as her eyes are rolling around in her head, barely getting back to her senses before Rick is done with his advice. Round 3 starts Becca’s second wind, she doesn’t take over the match, but is able to fight back enough to drop Peyton twice and she beats the 10 count in both rounds 3 and 4. In round 5 both girls are exhausted, but fight hard for that last knockdown. It’s great watch as they both reel from their opponent’s attacks and both girls beat the count once in this round. Soon Becca can’t keep trading punches, as Peyton starts to set her up for the final KO, which comes from a great kick to the head that lays Becca out cold. This match is super exciting to watch. Both girls give us great reactions, from all the punches, the look of desperation and determination, of course some nice eyerolling, especially from Becca during throughout of the match. Overall, this is an awesome video, great action, great selling, great camera work and an awesome and well executed custom idea.

Overall Score: 9.5/10