Review of Loser Gets Dunked

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLoser Gets Dunked – 18 mins

We join Madison in the dressing room, she’s heard about how Tara tossed Peyton in the pool after humiliating her in a previous match. Madison tells us that she hopes to get the chance to do the same to little Peyton. When she goes out to the ring for a workout she finds Peyton there and sneaks up on her. Quickly lifting Peyton into a cradle carry, Madison challenges her to a match where the loser gets dunked in the pool. Peyton has no choice, but to try her luck at lifting Madison, but obviously hasn’t got the strength. Madison then goes to town on poor Peyton, putting her in long held body slams, over the shoulder carries, a fireman’s carry, and a shoulder ride before finally gaining submissions from an inverted leg lock. As Madison is celebrating her win, Peyton tries to sneak away only to be caught and carried out to the pool. Madison tosses the screaming cutie into the cool water, filmed above and below the water surface, and then climbs in herself for a final torture rack victory pose.

What a unique match this is, the focus starts out with just different ways of carrying Peyton, then changes to some unique submission holds. I can’t help but love how easy Madison carries Peyton around and just how helpless Peyton is. We get to see a lot of very interesting holds as well as some more common ones, all of course are about Madison showing of her power by keeping Peyton off her feet. Peyton is super cute as she struggles to get free.  There’s no KOs in this one, but the ending is definitely still awesome. It’s very funny to watch as Madison carries Peyton outside and toss her in pool, then hop in the pool herself to take her unique victory pose. Overall, both girls help make this fun to watch, Peyton being cute and helpless and Madison have too much fun dominating. The ending is great, I’ll always approve tossing some beautiful girls into a pool.

Overall score: 8.5/10