Review of Lori Limp

Review of Girls Getting SleepyLori Limp – 8 min

You knock on Lori’s door, she’s not happy to see you, but a quick knock on the head has her peacefully sleeping on the floor. You check out her body and make sure she’s out cold. Than you play with her limp form till she stirs. Another quick shot to the head has her sleeping again. Then you carry her to the sofa, where you continue your fun. Soon Lori wakes up, she’s clueless to what’s going on. She stumbles around trying to figure out what’s happened, giving you an easy time to sneak up on her again with anther shot from the blackjack putting her out cold again. You have a little more limp play fun before the video comes to an end.

Another good, simple video. This one is even simple for Girls Getting Sleepy. The limp play is on the light side, he doesn’t take any clothes off and there’s only 3 KOs, all with the blackjack. So, even for your average GGS vid, it pretty simple. Lori is a super cute girl and we get tons of great body pans. I also like the outfit she has on. So, simple or not the one is still a solid choice for any limp play fan.

Overall score: 8/10