Review of Lori Chloroformed 2

Review of Girls Getting SleepyLori Chloroformed 2 – 19 mins

I’ve been thinking about my neighbor Lori a lot lately. I didn’t get my fill of her the first time and it’s really been bothering me, so I decided to pay her another visit. I was a little more bold in my approach this time, catching her in her car, then taking her to my place to get all I can handle this time.

Another simple strip down, limp play vid here, added that the original KO is in a car. Which I didn’t like anyway, you don’t see her face, so no reactions to see there, then she just ends up on the floor in the house, it would have be nice to see her pulled out of the car while KO’d and carried, or even just carried through the door. I don’t know if shooting in public is even an option for him, so that might not be possible. Anyway, once inside, everything is normal. Lori is stripped, played with and enjoyed in every way. She wakes up at a bad time, near the end, and her neck gets broken, just to stop her from screaming. Then she gets wrapped in a sheet and dragged away. All that works out fine and looks good. Overall, it’s a simple, well done, minus the car KO, limp play vid with a really sexy girl, can’t complain too much about that.

Overall Score: 8.5/10