Review of Lily Stunned

Review of Girls Getting SleepyLily Stunned – 10.5 mins

Lily returns home to what she thinks is an empty house, but an intruder has been waiting for her arrival. He places a stun gun to her hip and knocks her out with the shock. Robbery is the main motive of this break in, but he makes sure to spend some time playing with the knocked out girl’s limp body first. Lily’s shoes are removed and special attention is given to her bare feet. Every time she wakes up he’s quick to stun her again, even once while she’s till out. Eventfully he does get back to the main task at hand, finding a few dollars in her pocket and making a quick getaway.

One of the highlights about this one, is actually the prop used, I’ve see a lot of prop stun guns and this one has got to be one of the best because, it’s got like a light at the end that makes it look like a working tazer. Lily sells this awesome, she twitches a little after every time after getting tazed. There’s lot and lots a limp play and a focus on her feet while she’s out. Overall, I really enjoyed this one, with all the limp play, a little bit of twitching, the cool prop tazer and Lily looks really great too in this outfit. I need more vids like this one, with the tazer and the twitching, maybe a little longer and with some clothing removal.

Overall Score: 8.5/10