Review of Lia Labowe vs Frankie Z Boxing

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Review of Hit The Mat Lia Labowe vs Frankie Z Boxing – 14 Mins

FrankieFrankie Z and Lia Labowe square off for some fantasy foxy boxing. Frankie is looking pissed while Lia is looking extremely confident. Right away it’s a slugfest between the two, trading blows and working each other over. The girls pummel each other against the ropes, in clinches and both suffer knockdowns. As the fight goes on, Lia’s superior conditioning gives her the advantage and she begins to dominate Frankie, until she finally knocks Frankie out for the win.

This is the typical fem v fem boxing bout, with great girls and good action. Both Lia and Frankie sell good, I was happy that Frankie lost because her selling is always kind of silly even when she’s not trying to be. Lia’s is more serious, but still good. They both deliver and receive some solid punches and a great knockdown each. In the end we get a total KO were you could have counted to 100 if you wanted, Frankie was going nowhere, my favorite ending to any boxing battle. So this one is good, nothing special, but also absolutely nothing wrong with it either. A good pick for some right down the middle foxy boxing action.

Overall Score: 8/10