Review of LeAnn’s Revenge

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLeAnn’s Revenge – 30 Mins

BeccaWe fade in on Becca stretching outside the FWR ring, when out of nowhere LeAnn rushes in and drops the beautiful blond with a crushing low blow. LeAnn press her advantage delivering low blow after low blow to the surprised beauty, explaining that she’s here to get revenge for Becca torturing one of her friends in a previous match! LeAnn tosses Becca into the ring, strips her down to a tiny bikini, ties her hands behind her back, and begins an insurmountable torture session! LeAnn does every single submission hold in her repertoire that focuses on Becca’s toes, feet, legs and back, adding as much humiliation as possible along the way. Nearly every hold focuses on the complete destruction of poor Becca’s thighs as LeAnn digs her fingers and nails into the fleshy meat of the blond girl’s legs! This brutal session takes almost a full 30 mins and has Becca crying and pleading for mercy from the opening moments! Once LeAnn finally feels like Becca has truly learned her lesson, she spends just short of 3 minutes rubbing her feet in the sobbing Becca’s face just to insure that Becca is fully beaten and humiliated. Poor Becca!!

Here is a nice change from what we’ve been seeing from LeAnn lately. She is utterly merciless in her destruction and humiliation of Becca. Which is a role I expected to see her do more often then it happens. Of course Becca is top notch with her selling, really putting over her helplessness. LeAnn really does everything she can think of to bring the pain to Becca, but no knockouts. I love that LeAnn uses so many different moves and also using the ring to help her as well. Lots of very painful and creative looking holds all while Becca’s hands are tied behind her back. Once LeAnn is sure Becca has learned her lesson, she takes a few minutes to rub it in, stuffing her foot in Becca’s face for added humiliation. This is a long Becca destruction vid, which is always great and it’s also nice to see LeAnn dominate, which has gotten rare.

Overall score: 9/10