Review of LeAnn’s Belly Beating

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLeAnn’s Belly Beating – 16 Mins

LeAnnLeAnn faces off against Antoinette in this kick boxing battle, with mouth guards and old school leather boxing gloves. Things quickly gets out of hand for LeAnn as Antoinette starts off with a kick to the belly knocking LeAnn back in to the corner. The Queen quickly follows her in and beings the rain belly blows on the overwhelmed jobber. LeAnn tries to cover up, but her arms are forces out of the way and the punches keep pouring on. The continued abuse forces LeAnn to spit out her mouth guard and Antoinette soon spits hers out as well, realizing she’s not going to need it. She offers LeAnn a free shot and LeAnn gives it all she’s got, but Antoinette laughs it off and goes back on the attack. Kicks, punches, knees and elbows all rain down on LeAnn’s tender abdomen, till she passes out. Antoinette isn’t done however, waking LeAnn up for more. The nearly defeated fighter hangs on to Antoinette for dear life as the nonstop attacks continue. Whether on the ground, in the corner, or on the ropes, the punches never stop. A few more KO’s and Antoinette has had enough of the big boxing gloves, stripping them off herself and LeAnn. A torture rack leads to LeAnn being suspended over the top turnbuckle for some elbows to the gut, and then a backbreaker/belly claw combo, leading to another KO. Antoinette presses her foot deep into LeAnn’s belly to wake her up for more. LeAnn weakly begs to be finished off. Antoinette promises it’ll be over soon, planting a big kiss on LeAnn’s lips. A few more knees to the gut put LeAnn back on the mats and Antoinette does her “finishing touch” by  pressing both hands deep in LeAnn’s belly forcing all the air out of her body and knocking her out cold. Antoinette poses over the unconscious LeAnn before leaving her sleeping in the middle of the ring. You’ll love the total domination of the beautiful LeAnn!

LeAnn getting destroyed again, and if I said it once, I’ve said it 100x, every time is see LeAnn get destroyed I love her a little bit more and this one is definitely no different. LeAnn is a great jobber in this one, really giving is some great expressions and noises as the wind is constantly being forced from her body. She get weak pretty quickly and I love it as she is just clinging on to Antoinette, the ropes or anything else in the ring to try and say on her feet and in the fight. Antoinette is relentless and uses everything she can to attack LeAnn’s abs, she’s almost flailing and spinning as she throws fists, elbows, knees and feet at LeAnn to make sure she never gets at chance the breath, which was great, as well as talking plenty of trash in the process. I really like the month guard thing and kind of wish LeAnn was forced to spit it out one or two more times. I love that there’s several KOs along the way and Antoinette flexes over the fallen LeAnn for a bit, giving us a chance to admire both girl’s amazing physiques before the match moves on. This is a great LeAnn destruction, probably my favorite one of late.

Overall Score: 9.5/10