Review of LeAnn vs Bella

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms LeAnn vs Bella – 9 Mins

LeAnnLeAnn walks in to the FWR studios with her friend Bella, explaining that this is where she wrestles and even though she loses a lot, she really has fun wrestling. Bella says that the ring makes her want to wrestle, LeAnn laughs, saying she’d never stand a chance against her and starts to walk away. BIG MISTAKE, as the powerful newcomer grabs a two handfuls of hair and smashes the sultry brunette’s gorgeous face into the turnbuckle. Bella announces that this will be a five count pin match as she toss our beautiful jobber to the mats, beginning her total domination. Our poor sexy LeAnn never stood a chance as her body suffers through a Crippler Cross Face, belly punches on the mat, a tight body scissors from Bella’s powerful legs, an over the knee backbreaker, and a sleeper hold that puts LeAnn out cold! Bella is having too much fun to end it here, waking LeAnn up for a Stunner that puts LeAnn right back out, even making her twitch, and then wakes here up again for a DDT, causing another instant KO and a little more twitching. A final Iron Claw puts the barely conscious beauty out again and gives Bella the easy pin for the win! While Bella might not have the best technique in this, her first wrestling video, we’re SURE you’ll love watching the amazing beauty of LeAnn as she struggles and cries out in pain!

More one sided LeAnn destruction, this is really becoming a common thing, that I really look forward to. LeAnn again, I feel, sells better than ever before. Even though Bella is brand new to this and is being pretty gentle with LeAnn, but LeAnn just really comes through on putting all the moves over very well. So, even when Bella doesn’t quite deliver the move fully, LeAnn still sells is great and that’s what’s most important to me. We even get a little twitching, which is sadly, a rarity lately from FWR. Overall, this one is quick and simple, I’m really loving LeAnn, she keeps improving her selling, in my eyes and right now I can’t get enough of seeing her getting squashed.

Overall Score: 9.5/10