Review of LeAnn Challenges Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLeAnn Challenges Becca – 21 mins

LeAnn is challenging Becca, again, Becca is quick to reminds LeAnn that she’s never beaten her. LeAnn promises to beat her this time, even willing to put her wrestling career on the line, in this best of 5 KOs or submissions match. Each round is really back and forth, as are the round winners. 1st 3 rounds all end with submissions. Round 4 Becca gets a KO to push it to a tie breaker round. Becca presses her advantage until LeAnn rallies through the pain and catches Becca with a stunning tombstone piledriver. Than after confirming the win, she stomps Becca awake just for another tombstone piledriver, that leaves Becca twitching, as LeAnn poses over her.

This match is all back and forth, every round has back and forth action and each round goes back and forth. The action is solid, great selling for both LeAnn and Becca. I love Becca expressions, she really sells her pain great. These girls looks so good too, they are both externally pleasing to watch. The begin of this makes the match a little predicable, as does the round wins. It would be great to have Becca win 1 round, LeAnn win 2 in a row, then Becca win again, pushing it to round 5. Just to mix it up a little, but leave the back and forth action in each round as the were, because they are fun. The ending I wouldn’t change, maybe add a pin in there, but I love that LeAnn woke Becca up, made her admit to be beaten and then piledrives Becca a again, making her twitch. Overall, this is an exciting match, great back and forth action and glad Becca lost, I love her losing, especially in a twitching defeat.

Overall Score: 9/10